We've had a the opportunity to photograph a lot of talented seniors. Tarquin is no exception. He plays an array of instruments and has a bright future ahead of him in the music industry! Thanks for the fun couple of hours, we really enjoyed this session Tarquin. :-)

~Nate and Meagan

Brilliant natural sunlight streams though an open window - The curtain blowing gently as the cool air rushes in – Fall is finally here. The wedding dress hangs with anticipation as the bride, busying about, puts the final touches on her makeup. It’s almost time. I snap a few detail shots – delicate blush colored flowers nestled in a bed of tulle and crystals. Her dress is beautiful. He is going to love this, I think to myself with a smile. I turn, and she is radiant. A birdcage veil sits perfectly crooked, just covering one eye – her lips are the classic shade of red. I zoom in as she looks down, admiring her ring. A moment later she steps into her dress, surrounded by women who love her – a circus of excitement as they all want to take part in lacing up the corset. She high fives her sister and they take a sip of champagne. Mom wipes away tear. Today is her day – today she is getting married to the man of her dreams and I am lucky enough to be the fly on the wall. I am a wedding photographer and I love my job. Amongst the chaos of life there is stillness and beauty in everything. You just have to be wiling to look for it. One of the things photography has taught me is to be comfortable in that stillness – to look only at what I see in my viewfinder, and to find beauty in life’s smallest of details.