You guys are so much fun! We'll see you again in a few months!

~Meagan (and) Nate

Congratulations! It was such a blessing to spend the day with you and all of your friends and family!

To see more images of Kate and Jared's wedding follow this link.

We've been gearing up for our first wedding of 2011 of the past few weeks. Taking inventory of what we had last year and figuring out the new toys we wanted for this year. It's been fun. A lot of packages from coming in the mail and a few trips to the local photo store and we're set to photograph our first wedding of 2011 tomorrow.

A few of the new items will allow us to setup an off-camera flash during receptions to get some cool shots that have eluded us until this point. It will be a lot of fun to utilize it plus our on-camera flash (aka SB-900) to get some more creative shots. We're really excited!

So after getting a bunch of stuff in the mail and sorting most of it out over the past few days and charging our batteries, cleaning lenses, and so on... we took a little inventory and then packaged it all up for tomorrow :-)

Here's everything all laid out and then packed up all nice and neat. Yes, the photos are crappy. All our nice cameras are in the photo, these were taken with my phone in really low light.

Stay tuned for some photos of Kate and Jared's wedding day within the next few days!

If you have liked following the project so far, please continue to do so at Android 365. We were posting it here for a few weeks as an intro. From now on, we'll be updating the content only on the project site. Thanks for following!

As wedding season is quickly approaching, (first wedding this Friday!!) I realized that my wedding attire needed a facelift. So we ventured out yesterday to do a little shopping and let’s just say I got a bit carried away. I honestly felt like Julia Roberts from pretty woman, as the sales girls brought me outfit after outfit to try on. Each one received plenty of oohs and aahs and I can only assume this was because they were trying to sell me everything I tried on! Ha! I walked out of there with a complete outfit, including accessories and felt so amazing and pumped for Friday...then the remorse set in. Thank you buyers remorse for ruining my Pretty Woman moment :-/

Oh well, I got over it :) Now I just need shoes! ;)

Nothing beats a new outfit to give you the confidence you need to be the best version of yourself!
Happy Saturday!

This post is out of order... just like yesterday's I think. You see I took a picture that maybe only a parent would love and I posted it to the blog. I was going to call it good for today. Then I got to feeling bad that it didn't look like anything more than any old snapshot. So, after we got home and were hanging out on the deck, I decided to try and get some better images. I still kept with the theme of Liam for today. You'll see the original post at the bottom of today's entry.

Ok, so to many of you this may be nothing special... but to me, this little guy is one of the most important things in my life. Plus, he's really cute!

We just finished shopping and he picked himself out a new train, clutched in his right hand, and he's ready to open the garage door as soon as we arrive back home. I just thought he looked especially cute, so I decided to make him Day Fifteen, even though the photo is nothing particularly fanastic :-)

Nate (Motorola Droid X) - and one lucky Dad ;-)

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Alright so this is kind of a botched post. I took the sky picture earlier in the day and thought I was done. Then I was playing around with the slinky and decided I liked these photos better so I posted them first. Forgive the out of order post!

Happy Friday!!!

I took this and some others at the mid-point of my run today. There's a nice small lake here in Baldwin that's a good running destination. The other photos are having some problems uploading. Hopefully, they'll work their way through the air waves by the end of the day.

Nate (Motorola Droid X)

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