Impromptu Trip to the Zoo

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We generally don't plan too much on the weekends since they're usually spent working. So, as Labor Day weekend was approaching (with nothing but space in our calendars) we didn't even think to plan a little 2 or 3 day vacation somewhere. Friday night rolls around and we finally realize... "Hey we're free this weekend! What should we do?" We both thought of going to a zoo, and either St. Louis or Omaha became the destination of choice. We chose Omaha since it was a little closer. We left at 9 am and just got back an hour ago! Liam was EXHAUSTED! He was a great sport for 6 hours in the car and a long 13 hour day. We all had a really great time and Liam loved being close to all the animals and seemed especially surprised that a giraffe is so tall! Since in his kids books they appear to be the same size as the chicken on the next page. He got to stand about 10 feet from an 18 foot tall giraffe, and he just kept staring, pointing, and saying, what I assume was, "Wow! A giraffe is WAY bigger than a chicken!" Except it sound more like "Ga? Gaaa? Ca-coo ca-coo."

Well, anyways... Omaha was a really great zoo and we're very happy we had some time off together as a family and moreover got to spend it outdoors in this amazing weather!

~Nate and Meagan

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