Hudson Liam... or is that Liam Hudson?

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Ironic story.

So, we were asked to photograph a boy who's turning one. Luke, his father contacts us, and is THE WORLD'S NICEST GUY on the phone (and in person). Extremely polite and very easy to work with. So, we talk and nail down a day and location to shoot he and his wife's son's photos. We meet at Shawnee Mission Park on one of the most beautiful days of September, the temperature could not be better. They're driving the Toyota that I wish our Scion would grow up to be. Maybe if we we're in a rainier climate, it might grow faster. :/ Anyways, Meagan and I finally meet Luke and his wife Ginger and introduce us to they're son Hudson. "Hey that's our son's middle name!" "Really? That's cool!" (I'm paraphrasing). So, we don't think about it much more at the moment, because what are the odds it will get any stranger than that? OK, so next Hudson has on the same exact shirt we just bought Liam... a little weirder... We continue to talk as we're walking to the trail and we finally ask... "so, what's Hudson's middle name?" Ginger answers, "Liam." I think Meagan and I both responded "are YOU serious?" at the same time. "Our son's name is Liam Hudson!" and Ginger quickly replies, "wait... what's your last name?!?!" lol! Crazy right? Yeah I thought so too!

The shoot turned out to be fantastic. Hudson, was a total stud and loved the camera. Luke was nice enough to point out poison ivy as we walked through the greenery, and Ginger kept Hudson happy with yogurt, goldfish, and that special touch that mothers provide.

We couldn't have asked for a better session!

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