Life is Beautiful - These guys can prove it

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Its not very often that I see wedding videography that really moves me - I mean obviously I get choked up at every wedding - but I have never become so emotional watching on their website. Its like watching a Nicholas Sparks movie (only shorter). I love weddings, and I love people in love. Human emotion is amazing and these guys do such a great job of capturing that emotion. I am amazed. I am inspired. I cannot stop watching these videos - I can't help it.. I'm hopelessly romantic. And I have found my new favorite reality show - so grab your kleenex box and tune in to StillMotion (click on "cinema" to get to the goods)

StillMotion is my new bestie! See below:

veronica and neil's same day edit // do you need a hankie? from stillmotion on Vimeo.

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