Wedding: Tara (and) Glenn 1-11-14

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So beautiful!!!!!

A little Skype with her dad right before the ceremony :)

 Being professional dancers, they celebrate their first moments as a married couple by twirling around! Love it!

 Last minute rehearsal before the first dance!

 They found a gramophone at an antique store and were able to use it to play their first dance song - "Easy Living" by Billie Holiday. So amazing!

 First dance with her father via Skype - he was in the hospital but was still able to share Tara and Glenn's wedding. Such an emotional moment!!!

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  1. What a BEAUTIFUL collection of moments captured 'on film.' This is a forever keepsake of a wonderful, happy, memorable, once-in-a-lifetime event.

    Thanks, Meagan and Nate, for helping us relive it.