Nate and I decided to make some pretzels (which were delicious!) and to document it with a little time lapse action :-)

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed the pretzels!


We've had a the opportunity to photograph a lot of talented seniors. Tarquin is no exception. He plays an array of instruments and has a bright future ahead of him in the music industry! Thanks for the fun couple of hours, we really enjoyed this session Tarquin. :-)

~Nate and Meagan

Brilliant natural sunlight streams though an open window - The curtain blowing gently as the cool air rushes in – Fall is finally here. The wedding dress hangs with anticipation as the bride, busying about, puts the final touches on her makeup. It’s almost time. I snap a few detail shots – delicate blush colored flowers nestled in a bed of tulle and crystals. Her dress is beautiful. He is going to love this, I think to myself with a smile. I turn, and she is radiant. A birdcage veil sits perfectly crooked, just covering one eye – her lips are the classic shade of red. I zoom in as she looks down, admiring her ring. A moment later she steps into her dress, surrounded by women who love her – a circus of excitement as they all want to take part in lacing up the corset. She high fives her sister and they take a sip of champagne. Mom wipes away tear. Today is her day – today she is getting married to the man of her dreams and I am lucky enough to be the fly on the wall. I am a wedding photographer and I love my job. Amongst the chaos of life there is stillness and beauty in everything. You just have to be wiling to look for it. One of the things photography has taught me is to be comfortable in that stillness – to look only at what I see in my viewfinder, and to find beauty in life’s smallest of details.


Trick-or-Treating with the family :) To see more photos click here

Our fear of a really messy experience was confirmed this morning when we decided to carve pumpkins with Liam for the first time. He loved it! He kept touching the pumpkin guts and saying "eeeeewwwww!" He also discovered that eating raw pumpkin is actually pretty good - according to him anyways ;) Happy Halloween!

It was 8:20am, later than Liam had been waking up, when I heard him over the baby monitor start to make noise. His little question words, "Ah? Ah?" He said just a few and then he was quiet again. I figured he was just playing, so I went downstairs to go and get him. I opened the door quietly, just because I like to see what he's up to and watch him play in his crib. As I peeked in, he wasn't playing... he was sleeping again! I thought he'd be waking up any minute so I just sat in the rocking chair we have in his room and caught up on Chase Jarvis' Blog. Thirty minutes passed and he was STILL sleeping!

So, I escaped from the room as quietly as I came in, and went to grab my camera. Outfitted it with the ultra-fast 50mm 1.4 since it was pretty dim in he room. I figured I'd only have one shot, since the sound of the shutter would most likely wake him. I snuck back in, and began to examine what the best shot was since I'd only have one. I found it, composed, adjusted the shutter speed (1/6 sec), aperture (f/1.4), and ISO accordingly (800) accordingly. Rechecked it and then . Got it! He didn't wake up. Nice! So, I was able to take a few more pictures sleeping and then as he was waking up. He's so cute!

I decided to make them all black and white, just to give the photos a "quieter feel." I think it worked :-)

To view the rest of his photos from this morning, click here.

The night of the rehearsal dinner everything kind of came together for Bethany. The gravity of the moment struck her as she turned to her father and told him, "This is what it's all about." Love. Love of family and of friends. Love of life. The love that brought Bethany and Gordon together. Those that have stood by throughout each of their lives all coming to this one place to celebrate the love that Bethany and Gordon share. Everything else pales when compared to this kind of love. This IS truly what it's all about.

Bethany and Gordon, thank you for inviting us to to document your wedding day. This is merely a start to many amazing and incredible things in your lives. We wish you nothing but the best!

Much love and appreciation... Nate and Meagan


We got rained on, attacked by baby goats (seriously, they tried to eat our bags and buttons. I'm surprised we made it out alive!), schooled by teacher, talked to by a Buffalo... or wait was that a Bison?, and shown why the Cannonball Safe is one of the best built safes this side of the Mississippi. It all happened at Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead... and I think we were having way more fun than any children there. We would have ridden the mini-tractors but the sign unfortunately said must be 3 to ride (YES!!!) and not older than 7 (Dang It!). It was a really fun session and we had a blast with Jen and Darin! We'll see you guys again next May!

To view Jen and Darin's engagement photos CLICK HERE!

Another one of those days that threatened rain but didn't end up dumping much, thank goodness! We had a great time with Erin and Paul. We started in Union Station and then walked around some parts of downtown KC and finally ended up in Loose Park. The trees were just starting to change color, some of the trees were amazing! An excellent backdrop for Erin and Paul as they celebrate their engagement and look forward to their wedding!

Congratulations you guys!

To view Erin and Paul's engagement photos CLICK HERE!

Congratulations Jennie and Bret! It was a pleasure spending your wedding day with you and a blessing to be a part of it. Your devotion to each other and to God is inspiring and we wish you all the best in the future!

To view Jennie and Bret's photos CLICK HERE!

It's been over a week since we've updated our blog! Fortunately, blogging is one area where we can be late and catch up with later without missing any deadlines. We've been crazy busy editing, doing layouts for photobooks, photographing babies, families, and a wedding... oh and going on one epic scouting trip. We've got a lot to catch up on. We're up to our eyebrows in to-do's. So, sorry for limited updates. We'll catch up soon and post some photos of what we've been up to :-)

Thanks for checking in!

There is nothing better than hearty food on a cool day. Fall makes me want to spend most of my time in the kitchen baking up a storm! Chicken and dumplings on a nice fall day = pure bliss :)

Ironic story.

So, we were asked to photograph a boy who's turning one. Luke, his father contacts us, and is THE WORLD'S NICEST GUY on the phone (and in person). Extremely polite and very easy to work with. So, we talk and nail down a day and location to shoot he and his wife's son's photos. We meet at Shawnee Mission Park on one of the most beautiful days of September, the temperature could not be better. They're driving the Toyota that I wish our Scion would grow up to be. Maybe if we we're in a rainier climate, it might grow faster. :/ Anyways, Meagan and I finally meet Luke and his wife Ginger and introduce us to they're son Hudson. "Hey that's our son's middle name!" "Really? That's cool!" (I'm paraphrasing). So, we don't think about it much more at the moment, because what are the odds it will get any stranger than that? OK, so next Hudson has on the same exact shirt we just bought Liam... a little weirder... We continue to talk as we're walking to the trail and we finally ask... "so, what's Hudson's middle name?" Ginger answers, "Liam." I think Meagan and I both responded "are YOU serious?" at the same time. "Our son's name is Liam Hudson!" and Ginger quickly replies, "wait... what's your last name?!?!" lol! Crazy right? Yeah I thought so too!

The shoot turned out to be fantastic. Hudson, was a total stud and loved the camera. Luke was nice enough to point out poison ivy as we walked through the greenery, and Ginger kept Hudson happy with yogurt, goldfish, and that special touch that mothers provide.

We couldn't have asked for a better session!