Engagement: Jen (and) Darin - 10.22.10

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We got rained on, attacked by baby goats (seriously, they tried to eat our bags and buttons. I'm surprised we made it out alive!), schooled by teacher, talked to by a Buffalo... or wait was that a Bison?, and shown why the Cannonball Safe is one of the best built safes this side of the Mississippi. It all happened at Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead... and I think we were having way more fun than any children there. We would have ridden the mini-tractors but the sign unfortunately said must be 3 to ride (YES!!!) and not older than 7 (Dang It!). It was a really fun session and we had a blast with Jen and Darin! We'll see you guys again next May!

To view Jen and Darin's engagement photos CLICK HERE!

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