Sleeping little Liam

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It was 8:20am, later than Liam had been waking up, when I heard him over the baby monitor start to make noise. His little question words, "Ah? Ah?" He said just a few and then he was quiet again. I figured he was just playing, so I went downstairs to go and get him. I opened the door quietly, just because I like to see what he's up to and watch him play in his crib. As I peeked in, he wasn't playing... he was sleeping again! I thought he'd be waking up any minute so I just sat in the rocking chair we have in his room and caught up on Chase Jarvis' Blog. Thirty minutes passed and he was STILL sleeping!

So, I escaped from the room as quietly as I came in, and went to grab my camera. Outfitted it with the ultra-fast 50mm 1.4 since it was pretty dim in he room. I figured I'd only have one shot, since the sound of the shutter would most likely wake him. I snuck back in, and began to examine what the best shot was since I'd only have one. I found it, composed, adjusted the shutter speed (1/6 sec), aperture (f/1.4), and ISO accordingly (800) accordingly. Rechecked it and then . Got it! He didn't wake up. Nice! So, I was able to take a few more pictures sleeping and then as he was waking up. He's so cute!

I decided to make them all black and white, just to give the photos a "quieter feel." I think it worked :-)

To view the rest of his photos from this morning, click here.

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