Android 365: Day Fifteen

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This post is out of order... just like yesterday's I think. You see I took a picture that maybe only a parent would love and I posted it to the blog. I was going to call it good for today. Then I got to feeling bad that it didn't look like anything more than any old snapshot. So, after we got home and were hanging out on the deck, I decided to try and get some better images. I still kept with the theme of Liam for today. You'll see the original post at the bottom of today's entry.

Ok, so to many of you this may be nothing special... but to me, this little guy is one of the most important things in my life. Plus, he's really cute!

We just finished shopping and he picked himself out a new train, clutched in his right hand, and he's ready to open the garage door as soon as we arrive back home. I just thought he looked especially cute, so I decided to make him Day Fifteen, even though the photo is nothing particularly fanastic :-)

Nate (Motorola Droid X) - and one lucky Dad ;-)

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