First Wedding of 2011: Inventory

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We've been gearing up for our first wedding of 2011 of the past few weeks. Taking inventory of what we had last year and figuring out the new toys we wanted for this year. It's been fun. A lot of packages from coming in the mail and a few trips to the local photo store and we're set to photograph our first wedding of 2011 tomorrow.

A few of the new items will allow us to setup an off-camera flash during receptions to get some cool shots that have eluded us until this point. It will be a lot of fun to utilize it plus our on-camera flash (aka SB-900) to get some more creative shots. We're really excited!

So after getting a bunch of stuff in the mail and sorting most of it out over the past few days and charging our batteries, cleaning lenses, and so on... we took a little inventory and then packaged it all up for tomorrow :-)

Here's everything all laid out and then packed up all nice and neat. Yes, the photos are crappy. All our nice cameras are in the photo, these were taken with my phone in really low light.

Stay tuned for some photos of Kate and Jared's wedding day within the next few days!


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