Holy Cow!

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Our blog is sooo out dated!! We have been so busy this last month and haven't had time to post anything... Don't get me wrong.. busy is good.. but that just means there will be a flood of blog updates all happening at the same time. It could get crazy! LOL

So, in the last month or so we have shot weddings, numerous family sessions and only about 7 million pictures of our adorable son Liam :) We moved into a beautiful house that we are literally in love with, bought a ton of new equipment and a new grill! I realize that most of this information is completely irrelevant and will probably go unread for the rest of time, but what the hey, i'm in the mood to scribble.

Since having this new grill, Nate and I have been grilling almost every night. I'm pretty sure our neighbors think we have lost it because we were caught grilling in the rain the other day.. ha! Have you ever grilled fresh pineapple?? Highly recommend it. I added some honey, a splash of rum, and some lemon juice. Let it soak overnight and grilled it till it was just warm enough to be exceptionally delicious, served it over vanilla ice cream and then sunk into my chair with delight. Yummmm!

Ok, enough of that. Have I mentioned how much we love photography? Grab a cup of joe and sit back to enjoy the incoming updates... they're gonna be good ;)

Seacrest out.

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