Shining Happy People

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I would like to introduce someone to you, someone who has become very influential to me lately: Jasmine Star. She is an ah-maze-ing photographer out of California who happens to love teaching other photographers! (Very cool - seeing as how most photogs like to keep their secrets locked down) Today I watched, recorded, and took detailed notes as she spoke on (which happens to be hosted by Nate's new bestie, Chase Jarvis). Listening to her speak I couldn't help but become inspired to do more with our photography business. Heck, she has only been a wedding photographer for 4 years and she is now very well known. I think she was named one of the most influential wedding photographers of 2010 or something?? I feel like we could learn a lot from her, and so, as my eyes were glued to the computer monitor I tried to soak up as much as I could. I've already started sketching plans for a new website! Woot! I think you will likey ;)

So far Nate and I have had to learn the hard way. Everything we know about being wedding photographers we have taught ourselves. We started with nothing and have made it this far. We are steadily growing and always seeking new ways to branch out - but i'll admit, its hard. And its scary at times. But, with every couple we meet, and every wedding we photograph we become more and more hooked on this business. We are so in love with experiencing the love between others - its so refreshing and makes us feel closer to each other as husband and wife. I cannot think of a better thing to do... honestly. We love seeing people in love. We love happy people! :-D


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