Android 365: Day Nine

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Here's Day Nine. I might get another one up later on, but just in case, this is going to be it.

The weather here has been less than desirable recently, so we haven't ventured outside too much. To put it into perspective, I was wearing shorts and flip flops less than a week ago and we were considering turning the air conditioning on. Yesterday? IT WAS SNOWING!!! Our willow tree had just sprouted a bunch of small leaves for the spring and now I think it's second guessing it's timing.

Alright, any guesses as to exactly what this is a photo of?

Also, I'm up for a challenge. If anyone has any suggestions of possible photos or something that they think can't be taken with a camera phone, let me know and I'll give it my best shot.


Nate (Motorola Droid X)

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