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As I've been searching for new and better photos to post over these last few days, my wife Meagan has become interested in contributing to the blog and joining this year long effort. She has an Android phone as well, so we are within bounds of the initial rules. I still fully intend on posting a photo each day, some days... hopefully most days, there will be a photo from each of us.

The photos will be noted as to who took them and which device they came from.

I will be "shooting" with a Motorola Droid X and Meagan will be using her Samsung Fascinate. She will be following all of the same rules I am.

My Motorola Droid X has an 8 MP camera while the Samsung Fascinate is slightly behind in the MegaPixel race at 5 MP. I don't imagine you will see much of a difference in the quality of the images however, but only time will tell!

This will be a little more exciting I think with two different cameras. It'll be a year long duel.

Soon, I plan on implementing the ability to have followers submit their photos from their Android phones so we can all see what everyone is doing out there.

Maybe I should stop typing and figure out my photo for today?

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