Android 365: Day Two

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This is a handle of a really old cedar chest in our house. I'm not overly impressed with this photo, but it's nice.

I'm going to try and get a better one as the day goes on. March 20th is not over yet.

Nate (Motorola Droid X)

Update March 20th: Here's Photo #2 for March 20th. Liam and I were playing with his trains on the floor and he looked so cute, I decided this would be better than a wooden chest's handle. Perhaps I'm biased?

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I wonder if I can sync my Droid to my Cowboy Studio radio flash triggers. That could get really exciting! Sync this baby to some off "phone camera" flashes. Hmmmmm..... any app developers out there wanna take this on?

Maybe I should tell you a bit about who I am. I am a husband, father, inventor, cyclist, runner, wedding photographer, and budding commercial photographer. I am constantly looking for new things to do and ways to improve my environment. I am inspired by great people and amazing stories. However, I don't like to read. So, the stories I hear are mostly through documentaries and other video formats! ha! I find Chase Jarvis to be a very inspiring photographer. Jasmine Star also makes the short list of inspiring do-it-yourself-ers. Lance Armstrong is an amazing athlete who has ignited a love for endurance sports that will never be extinguished. Speaking of "love," I am also inspired by my amazing 2 year old son who learns more and more everyday. I love to watch him play and try to figure out how his toys work. My wife is an amazing mother to our son and an equally amazing spouse. She is also quite handy with the camera. We started our wedding photography business a few years ago and have built it to an "almost" self-sustaining point now to where we can survive solely on the income from it.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by. I'm sure I'll share more throughout this experiment.

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